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We can help!

  • On site service and support
  • Network Design and Updates
  • Network Documentation, Cut Sheets, Circuit IDs, Wiring floor plan, Rack diagrams, VISIO graphics.
  • Certified by Cisco - Cisco Router/Switch/Hub installation and service for our larger customers
  • Linksys Wireless (Cisco Systems products) broadband routers and switches for SOHO (Small Office/Home Office) customers.
  • Also experience with Netgear, SMC, Buffalo, D-link, Dell, HP, and many other popular brands
  • Microsoft Partner - Windows Server and Applications Setup and Updates
  • Establishment of Domain Name, DNS Zone Records, Website and Email. Setup and Administration
  • Firewalls, Anti-Virus, and Anti-Spyware installed and updated (including: Cisco PIX and SonicWall Harware based Firewalls that include VPN access )
  • Help with establishing your Backup Procedures (DLT Tape, External Hard Drives, NAS, etc.)
  • Workstation and Notebook Purchase/Installation/Maintenance. Computer Repair
  • Full service on-site repairs, such as hard drive replacement, memory upgrades, etc.
  • Data Circuit orders (DSL, T1, Cable, etc)
  • Help making the right selections when ordering new equipment.
  • Click Here for more info on our Testing and Diagnostic Equipment.

    The development of your computer network can naturally overlap with other projects.
    We have associations with proven reliable Fresno County local companies for:
    Phone switches, Digital Services for Voice and Internet Access, Email, Domain/Webhosting,
    Website developer companies, Cat5e/Cat6 wiring with punchdowns, and Printer repairs.
    As well as a number of computer and network hardware vendors.
    We are comfortable recommending these companies because they are currently
    providing a high level of service for our other clients. We are happy to deal with these
    contractors on your behalf to see that you get a total solution to your office needs.

    David Miles - Computer Networking Consultant
    Email: ComputerNetworks@ViaWireless.com
    Phone (559) 307-2700
























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