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SPECIAL NOTE:  We can assist you in establishing specifications for the best quality equipment, and recommend vendors we have determined give great service and low prices.  However, we do NOT sell retail hardware.  Since we have no fiscal interest in the equipment you purchase, this allows us to make unbiased recommendations insuring you obtain hardware best suited for your needs.




Our lab rack, consisting of:

  • Cisco 2610 Routers
  • Cisco 2620(and 2621) Routers
  • Cisco 3600 Router
  • Cisco 2924 Switch
  • Cisco 2950 Switch
  • WIC-T1 WAN Modules
  • WIC-1B DSL Module
  • WIC-1t Serial Interface modules
  • Serial T4
    Various Cisco Internetworking Operating System (IOS) versions and
    configurations are tested on this lab rack before deployment into the field.






  • Linksys Wireless-G Broadband Router with Speed Booster (35% Speed Enhancement) #WRT54GS
  • Cisco 1721 routers (3)
  • Netgear 8 port Gigabit Switch
  • 2wire DSL Modem/Wireless Access/Switch

    SpeedStream DSL Modem
    Inhouse DSL Equipment
    Seems that 802.11g has competiton on the horizon.
    The new kid on the block is Wireless 802.11N, more bandwidthand greater distance
    through the use of multiple antennas. The standard has not been approved yet, still trying
    to nail down specific broadcast band (802.11g is 2.4GHz).
    You will be hearing plenty more about this in the near future.
    DSL/Cable is always on, you have to love it! Next best thing to a T1.

    • SonicWall Firewall TZ180
    • SonicWall Firewall TZ170

    SonicWall Firewall products that protect your LAN while providing secure VPN access from home.  Features Deep Packet Inspection Engine - A configurable, high-performance deep packet inspection engine for extended protection to key Internet services such as Web, e-mail, file transfer, Windows services and DNS


  • Fluke LAN Cablemeter #620 (with multiple ID terminators)
  • Craftsmen 10amp Multimeter
  • Progressive Electronics Inductive Amplifier #200GX

    Progressive Electronics LAN Toner #AT8L
    A few pieces of our commonly used Diagnostic Equipment.
    Always start at the Physical Layer (Layer 1) when diagnosing network
    problems. Is it on? Is it plugged in? Is the patch cable damaged/defective?

    Some of the Reference books with the right answers
    to your needs and problems

  • Webserver Information
  • Cisco Press references
  • Microsoft training materials
  • Windows reference books (Win95, 98, NT, 2000, XP, MS Server, MS Office, Vista, Unix, etc.)
  • Microsoft lab materials

    David Miles - Computer Networking Consultant
    Email: ComputerNetworks@ViaWireless.com  
















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